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Clean and tidy in your paddock.
Reduced risk of parasites.
Quick, simple and effective.

Sustainable design

The Paddock Groomer is constructed mainly of UV-treated moulded polyethylene plastic. This material is light but tough. It can’t rot, rust or fade and the life of the machine is at least 20 years.
The entire chassis is of galvanized steel and the fittings, of stainless steel.

Height adjustment

The machine can be towed by a quad bike, small or large tractor, electric-powered ATV, golf cart or ride-on mower.
We help you to adapt the connector to the vehicle you intend to tow the machine with, leaving you to easily make the fine brush adjustments.


The collection bin at the rear of the Paddock Groomer makes for easy emptying. You lift it up slightly and then pull it straight out. We recommend you have a tractor with a scoop in the paddock. Drive back and forth over the ground collecting up the manure. When the collection bin is full, empty it into the scoop and then go back to the mucking out.

Manual hatch

The control hatch at the top of the machine is used to ensure that the brush is set at the correct height, so that you only take up what you want to.
You can also access and clean the machine using this hatch.
If you have areas of the paddock that you can’t easily drive into, you can manually load the Groomer through the hatch.


A really smart feature is the harrow tines that rip up old tussocks, break down piles of manure and help spread them out facilitating picking up with the brush. Some people use this function to rip up and collect moss from their paddock and enable the grass to grow better.


The brush is durable and hardwearing; and effective against both new and old manure. The most important thing is the height setting to avoid the brush tearing up soil, stones or sand that you don’t want in the collection bin.


Capacity: 200–300 litres (about 2-3 large full barrow-loads)

Drive system: V-belt driving the brush system from the wheels.

New feature! Activation lever to control on/off connection of the brush.

Emptying system: Removable collection bin that can be easily emptied under a fence, onto a trailer or a manure heap.

Material: The Paddock Groomer is constructed mainly of UV-treated moulded polyethylene plastic

Chassis: Entirely is of galvanized steel and the fittings, of stainless steel.

Weight: 80 kg

Warranty: 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts with normal use, excluding brush.


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Paddock Groomer

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